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    Zinio on Webos is out! I just downloaded it from HP apps catalog. Anyone that has an existing account try it out yet?
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    Finally! When I saw it in the app catalog I jumped from the couch and started celebrating :-P

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    I have an existing account and appear to be able to download previous purchases. Looks nice and there seems to be some free content to download too (Esquire etc).
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    Good its released, but it doesn't load my existing purchases ... mhhh
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    I was very excited to see Zinio being released in the app catalog!

    However, after installing it, it systematically crashes my TP and generates a full re-set whenever I try to read/access anything from the app ;-( So right now it's out but not usable/not working for me

    Has anybody experienced the same issue and know how to fix it?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Zinio works great on my TP. So excited! My previous purchases are all with me.
    Don't know how to remove downloaded issues though... Page rendering is not very fast.
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    Hi everyone!!! It's been a long wait, but I am thrilled to say the Zinio app has been approved. If you don't see it yet, you should see it very soon.

    Thanks so much for you patience and let me know if you have any questions.

    Enjoy reading!!!! And help spread the word.
    (I'm the CMO)
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    So happy to see it when I did my daily App Catalog check! it looks like all the titles I could see on my Android Xoom are there but I'll have to look closer, plus a bunch of new free titles appear for the launch I'm assuming. I'm sad that NatGeo isn't available on webOS either wish I'd noticed the little icons before I subscribed since I never read on my laptop.

    but regarding the app - no problem so far. all my thumbnails popped up pretty quickly. first mag downloaded enough to start browsing the first few pages relatively quickly. the Notification bar stays visible above, that's good. I've closed the app, gone back in, closed the mag i was reading and gone into another, all with no error.

    my favorite feature compared to the android app - when i launch the magazine if i just leave it sit there a % download indicator works it's way across the screen so it is clear if your title has finished downloading. too often with my Xoom I had a partial magazine because the slow download didn't finish before I left WiFi.

    great job thank you!
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    When I first ran the app it switched off my TP, but I didn't need to reboot, I just switched on again. It also affected the graphic display of a few games run subsequently, but a reboot cured that.

    Now it seems to be running sweetly, and both my magazines are there (Uncut and New Scientist) and look great.

    One bug I've found is that if you're in landscape view, zoomed in and reading the left hand page, when you swipe right to go to the right hand page it instead does a page turn to the next landscape spread. You have to zoom out and then double tap on the right side to read the right hand page. (If this is intentional and not a bug, it seems counter-intuitive to me.)

    There also doesn't seem to be a way to remove magazines from your library view, either downloaded ones or freebies offered for download.

    Also, you can't zoom in portrait, but the pages of my magazines are just about readable in portrait anyway, and I'll usually want to read with the wider screen available in landscape, so I can live without that.

    All in all, works very well, and well worth the wait. :-)
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    I've found that you can delete magazines that don't interest you when logged into your account at, from your TouchPad or desktop browser, which is fine.

    I've also found that magazines keep downloading even if the screen switches off which is a nice touch, too.
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    Just installed, extremely excited. Will report back after I've used it extensively.

    This was my last remaining "just have" app. Now I get to use my tablet for what I need, while using the best mobile OS out there.
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    YES! Now, until it becomes totally unmanageable without updates (assuming Webos is really done) I will be sticking with Webos on my touchpad. Zinio was really the clincher! Thanks Zinio, and HP!
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    After an hour of use, my experience is mixed (F4 Kernel @ 1.7):

    Upon first install, magazines were stuck in low resolution and never completed downloading; this after numerous restarts.

    After first uninstall/reinstall magazines showed up in high resolution but downloading multiple magazines tended to confuse the app, replacing the pages of one magazine with another.

    No dynamic pinch zooming , only 2 levels (the other pad apps can scale in fine increments)

    Otherwise, if I tread lightly the app seems to function okay
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    damn auto-correct! ZINIO
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    Hello, long time (3 years) PC Zinio subscriber. I've been waiting on this app for a while and just installed it a couple of hours ago. I set my account up using my existing info but my magazines/library has yet to download. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but...nothing. Any advice? Really want this app to work.
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    Installed and downloading magazines. Woot!
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    I downloaded it a few hours ago. My magazines I'd preordered in anticipation for this app were there. I rebooted after the install since I read it crashed someones TP. I haven't had any issues. When changing pages it takes a few seconds to come into focus. I've never used the app before, only the desktop, so I'm not sure if this is normal. All in all I'm very happy and will be buying some more mags soon!
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    hi all! now that the app is live i just wanted to give everyone a quick update on a few frequent questions we've been asked....

    1) What if your magazines aren't in your library? Don't worry! Now that the app is live our team is working away as fast as we can to activate all of the magazines in the library. you can complete this form if you want to have someone get back to you with a specific timeframe: Form

    2) What is the app crashes? If you have a very large library and your app crashes, please let us know using the form above. We are not getting many crash notifications, but we are seeing a few from people who have a very large library of titles. Our product team will take a look as these come in.

    3) Are there free issues? Yes! There are 12 free magazines in the library section of the app. If you have not received these, please let us know.

    4) What about the $5 credit? Yep!! I offered anyone who wants one a $5 Zinio bucks certificate to give you a good reason to try buying a mag you love through the app. An email is being sent to many people who have asked for them today. If you do not receive yours, or didn't ask for one, you can complete this form here. Form

    Thanks everyone!!!
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    AWOOOOOOGAHHH!!!! Good times!
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    Can you use this with current subscriptions or do you have to buy again?

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