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    Ok, was in my Kindle app, then closed it for a bit. When I re-opened it there are 3 new books listed: Aesop's Fables, Pride & Prejudice and Treasure Island. I have never ordered these or downloaded them from anywhere. Any idea on where they came from?

    These books are not showing up in my Kindle account info on the Amazon website. What the ...........

    Also, my book The New Oxford American Dictionary is no longer in the app, but IS listed on the Amazon website under "Your Kindle Library" - Odd indeed
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    fortunately, those are free books!
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    Yep! They popped up for me on 2 different OS's apps and in my Amazon Kindle list.
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    odd - ok. thx.
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    I haven't seen that yet on my TouchPad, but those three books were included by default with the Kindle app on my wife's iPad. Maybe they are slowly pushing them out to TouchPad owners too.


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