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    Title says it. Skype needs to have the ability to set one's status to invisible and do not disturb.
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    Not wanting to resurrect dead posts but this thread still remains valid (to my knowledge) to this day. The integrated skype needs these statuses! I want to leave myself signed in but i don't want messages from tons of people during the night!
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    I agree with needing the invisible setting. And as for the other request... You can make a custom status, just have that say, "Do Not Disturb."
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    Look here:

    Maybe you can convince Sconix to adapt the system prefs for messaging to the touchpad
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    Under the Chat app you can set a custom online status. The status is communicated to Skype and shows up as the status that other people see. Whether or not it corresponds to something that Skype understands (like "invisible") is another story. Has anyone checked?

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