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    After we have done this with Wall Blaster, I would also like to give away 20 copies of Jigsaw Master HD for the TouchPad! And of course, I would also greatly appreciate to get some (hopefully positive) reviews out of it.

    You'll find the promo codes and all related details on

    The app:

    Link to the AppCatalog: Jigsaw Master HD

    Jigsaw Master HD is an exciting and highly addictive jigsaw game! Just touch & drag pieces to connect them anywhere on the board - just like a real jigsaw puzzle. You get a collection of more than 200 attractive images to choose from. You can select between 20, 56 and 100 pieces. Interrupted? Just exit and the puzzle is saved exactly as it was.

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    App looks great. I'll see if I can get a copy at midnight lol. If not I will definitely purchase it instead. Great work!
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    Thank you very much. I have just downloaded this and will get to playing tonight. I'll be sure to send a review your way. Again, thanks for the Promo Code. It's very generous of you.
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    I tried the code within 2 min. of its release and they were used up! Seems I am just too slow. I hope to be able to buy it in the future, but I would love another round of promos. Thanks for a great looking game!
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    Thanks for the promo code. Because in Germany the touchpad is still not offically available, I could get one. Really appreciate. Will play tomorrow and will post a review.

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    lol i waited all day and missed it! So I bought it!
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    missed it - good luck.
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    Got lucky and great app. Actually, I've used desktop jigsaw games and this compares well if not even better for the convenience it provides. Love it, wife loves it, and we'll end up buying another copy when she gets her own TP (common HP....looking forward to a 7" TouchPad).

    Thanks and keep up the great work! Sorli...
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    I left you 5 stars (ryan s) as reviewer. 5 stars. Pm me wall blaster code and I will do the same, missed that code hehe. Thanks

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