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    Has anyone else seeing random reboots when using the Glimpse application? Its happened to me a few times and each time it was while using Glimpse
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    I've had a few, but at this point can't completely blame Glimpse since my TP now does a luna restart almost every time I toss the last web browser card. I've cleared cache and have done full device reboots several times but it still happens.

    Although, I think this started right around the same time that Glimpse update came out last week...
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    I haven't had a single random reboot on mine since I got it. That includes spending a lot of time using the Glimpse app.
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    I get random reboots mostly after clearing browser cache and history. Also use Glimpse but I dont think its related. Did you try sending email to the developer about it?
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    no issues that I can remember with glimpse.

    as said email the dev he is great about responding to emails
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    my only random re-boots come when I close a browser window - including in glimpse
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    not tied to Glimpse, but I get my share of random reboots. Daily
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    No reboots here including using Glimpse

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