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    thanks for the promo code _ review coming as soon as I try it out
    Rob Chilcott

    Twitter @robchilcott
    " I am only a stupid electrician after all"

    My house is a webOS house
    My pre 2, Touchpad 32g
    Wife Pixi, touchpad 32gb
    Daughter -- my old pre+
    of course my 16 year old son has and droid incredible but i think i remeber finding him on the porch
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    Please be so kind and offer also a promo code for the german users.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    TouchPad is for sale in Germany now ? I just want to make sure because I don't have to waste the codes.
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    Hi Kardin.

    All HP employees in Germany already could order it. I have a Pre 2 and now since three weeks also a Touchpad. I like it so much. With all the Homebrew patches it works really fast.

    Thank you to all developers like you working on the App front.

    Have a good day.

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    Just created new promo codes for Germany users, code will available tomorrow July 24, below is the info

    Promo code for Germany users
    Available: TOMORROW Juy 24th, 2011 (10 downloads)
    Expired Time: 2011-07-31T23:59:59.000Z
    Code: 84b87848-1a70-4bfa-86b4-8d8fdd2e731f
    Thanks for using Advanced HTML Email app
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    Thanks! Traveling at the moment so I am on freetether (downloading slow) but will review soon! Thanks again for the code! -grand
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    Thank you for the German codes. Will try and review it today.
    Much appreciate.

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    I'm bummed that I missed this promo code. I would have definitely tried it out and written a review. This app looks awesome.
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    Great thanks. One installation now in Germany
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    Thank you for using Advanced HTML Email app.

    The new update version 1.1.0 coming soon adding new feature Word-Arts. There are over 300 word-arts in the library. App will auto load new Word-arts when it available.

    Follow me on Facebook for future updates

    Check it out the screen shots below:

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    Thank you, one french code down

    will review sooner or later
    Proud Veer and Touchpad owner
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    bummer...I'm too late
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