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    If anyone is in need of a Spotify account, click the below link. Klout is giving them away. No worries about spam email or anything from Kloout.

    Click Here For Spotify
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    Just wondering, why post this in the Touchpad Apps forum? They don't have a Touchpad app.
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    i guess any EU spotify user will probably have a bunch of invitations if people want them. i have many, for eg. PM me if you want one.

    i presume US people can use my UK invitations, but i don't know for sure.

    yeah i agree @rsanchez1, this isn't relevant to the touchpad.
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    If anyone has Spotify invite. PM and send to me. Klout did not work for me.
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    I posted this in the Touchpad area as you can add the Spotify app to the TP. See this post for details.

    Spotify does not work in webOS 3
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    Just because you can get it to work, doesn't mean it is available...

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