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    This really just came out hot off the press! 7digital just released their MP3 store for the HP touchpad. The best part, this is available in CANADA as well as the USA (may also be available in other countries).

    The app works great, allows you to preview songs, built in download manager, imports directly to the touchpad's music player. For those of you not familiar with 7digital, here's a couple REALLY cool things about it.

    - DRM Free 320kbps MP3s (includes album art and sounds very good)
    - Purchased Songs are permanently stored on their servers and you are free to download them again whenever you want!
    - You can download their program on your computer so any songs you purchase on the Touchpad can be imported into your iTunes album!
    - Pricing is on-par with other buy-to-own services

    What I really like about this is when/if HP releases a even further cloud solution to music playback, because these files are just DRM-free MP3s I can import/upload them to anywhere I want! I can't believe this is DRM free lol.
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    I don't know if it is enabled on the touchpad but 7digital are available in about 31 different territories.

    The touchpad app definitely works in UK and most of Europe.
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    I've had access to 7Digital through the Ubuntu One Music Store, accessed from Banshee on my desktop, using my Launchpad login. But that login doesn't work with this app. FYI.

    7/25 - And their support hasn't answered my email, that's not a good sign.
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    7Digital was the app shown on the full page ads for the Touchpad which appeared on the back page of the USA Today Money, Life & Sports sections. At least HP thinks people will like.
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    hm, sadly there is no app from them on the phone... :-/
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    Yep, this was released last night for UK. Surprisingly nice with a clean interface and large catalogue. Good to have an immediate alternative to iTunes. HP just need to find a way for all purchases to go through the profile CC if required.
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    HP Taps 7digital for Digital Music on TouchPad
    July 21, 2011
    By Antony Bruno (@AntonyNBruno), Denver

    HP Taps 7digital for Digital Music on TouchPad |

    For months rumors have been swirling that Hewlett-Packard might be planning to integrate some kind of music service into its TouchPad tablet computer.

    Now we know at least what part of that plan is.

    The company today announced the addition of 7digital's music download service as a featured app for the platform. According to 7digital, this version of the digital download service was built specifically for the webOS system that HP uses as the core of the TouchPad system.
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