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    Just a quick post, and not a matter of crazy importance, but for those that do read, this is an appeal for app purchasers to remain civil in the reviews and towards other reviewers. It really feels like that process is going downhill fast.

    I am first to list a review as helpful or not helpful if I see a 1 or 5 star review with no details. But I am seeing a trend of 'downranking' any negative review, simply because it's negative. We need to improve the product, so if someone is detailed in their review, but give something 2 or 3 stars, that doesn't mean it's 'not helpful'.

    What's 'not helpful' are the blank reviews, or even those that say 'Great app' or 'Terrible app'. I know we're all short on time, but if you're really going to help, don't just give fan driven feedback. Be critical, but fair...and quit attacking other reviewers.

    PSA for the day. Sorry, it was just bugging me. Gotta run.
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    It would be nice if reviews were helpful, either in their praise or their negative comment. All apps have room for improvement, but it is good to point out something helpful. Also, please don't give no stars just because you are having trouble downloading the app. Usually this is not related to the app, and even if it is, if the app, after difficulty getting it installed, DOES provide a good experience in it's operation, it deserves some recognition for that too.

    I guess, just be thoughtful and helpful when giving your review. Praise when appropriate, and helpful direction when there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
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    And even better would be contacting the developer if you do find an issue so that they have an opportunity to provide some support.
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    Also, I would add, if the developer is quick about responding and fixing the app, please go back and revise your review. Nothing is worse than having some comment say that a feature is broken when it was fixed like four versions ago.

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