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    Looks good so far.

    I'm still in the process of setting up an account.
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    thanks for the heads up!
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    Okay. That wasn't there earlier tonight. I'm sure I checked. Thanks for the headsup. I'm setting it up now.
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    *sigh* yet another platform-critical app not available outside the USA
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    Prices too high for limited selection of older movies and kids cartoons. For example, $11.95 for National Lampoons European Vacation is outrageous IMHO. Hopefully prices will become more reasonable soon. I won't be buying anytime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockett0 View Post
    Looks good so far.

    I'm still in the process of setting up an account.
    was just about to post..successful updated and installed. Seems to run well but I havnt tested a movie/show yet
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    I'm glad the movie store is updated, but the selection definitely leaves something to be desired. Selection is kind of like netflix streaming, but costly. 15.95 to buy a movie?? 4 for 24 hour rentals??

    Interface is slick. Movie trailers are buttery smooth and look great, I don't think I'll be participating much with those prices :-(
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    I'm surprised not to already see it here, but HP Movie Store for TouchPad is now in the App Catalog. Downloading :>
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    prices are in line with itunes it seems.
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    3.99 for new movie is similar price to amazon, so too the 1.99 for tv episodes.
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    can I watch movies I buy on anything that runs roxionow?
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    Confirmed. Seems to work...!
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    what are you supposed to do with the movie store. There are very few movies and I cant put my exhisting movies there. What are you guys doing with this download?
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    I wonder if they'll add a subscription service for streaming in the future? :-\
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    I think this is one of those things that will improve with time. It's just good to see it active.
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    Woot ~
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    It's funny, I had a feeling this would be available today. I checked earlier and nothing... Thanks for the heads up.

    Prices are a bit high. I saw $2.99 for one tv show... We'll see how it progresses.

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    I have been planning of purchasing a TouchPad this weekend...but when these big time apps keep being released its making it harder to wait lol.

    Although I'll have a lot to look forward to when I first get my TP. Heres to having the HP Music app and Netflix (i can dream right?) by this weekend!!!
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    ugh again not available anywhere else
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