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    The TP ready app is now available in the app catalog. It's totally gorgeous and uses the tablet format fantasticly. Go get it and try it out
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    As usual it doesn't appear in my App Catalog due to geo-restrictions. Can someone please post the App ID so we can try to download it with Impostah? Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds awsome. Out of curiosity, is this an official app created by or an independent developer?

    Also, any screenshots? (dont own a tp yet)
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    It is an official app created by When I get a chance later I can grab the App ID and some screenshots.
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    It doesn't really do too much other than display bands you listen to unless you're a premium subscriber though, FYI.
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    Heh, this is why I stopped working on mine. I'm glad I did! Time to check it out!
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    So does it enable scrobbling with the native music player? Something in the works? Something that could be patched?
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    It would be really cool if they exposed some sort of cross-app launch api, so that apps can scrobble to the app.

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