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    Quote Originally Posted by nyuepik View Post

    Sending you a pm about adding FLAC and OGG streaming.
    OK, thanks. ill respond seperately

    this is a little off topic, but is there a way to get an email notification when I get a pm from the forums? I had several unread pm's that I never knew existed since I had assumed I would get email notifications but never did.
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    Yes it is:
    Here you are: imgur: the simple image sharer
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    After a stint without a touchpad due to being mad at hp, then realizing I still wanted one, then dealing with the dilemma that I swore off buying anything from HP again, I now am back and once more am trying to get FLAC transcoding to work.

    It turns out that holding on a file and downloading it does work and is perfectly playable, but trying to stream definitely is the issue here.

    The ogg url thing is a red herring, I asked about that in the ampache IRC, and received a response stating that it is part of a workaround in place for winamp and that any standards compliant player should only be determining filetype from the MIME type. I have yet to verify in my case MIME types are being set correctly, though. how can I check that?

    I know that this extension is not just the original extension for the file, because, well, i see it even when i'm transcoding from flac.

    thewbman: is there anything I can do to help test? I'm planning on trying to transcode high bitrate mp3s to lower bitrates to see if that works - if it does, then its not actually the transcoding, but has something to do with the source. so far I have only tested transcoding from ogg and flac.
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    @benklop interesting to hear about the ogg url thing - I would never have guessed it was a deliberate change coming from Ampache itself.

    I am actually currently in talks with another developer about using a separate plugin for playback instead of the built-in type. If I can get that setup soon I would appreciate anyone helping to test it out.
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    @thewbman I'm excited to hear that you're looking in to getting a player plugin to clear up the streaming issue. I've been wanting to look at the code to figure out what they've changed, but really haven't had time and I'm not totally sure I'd know what to do about it anyway. I would be glad to help test a build with the built in player too.
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    I've determined that transcoding high bitrate mp3s to low bitrate mp3 does in fact work. I tested this by setting my transcode bitrate to 16 kbps - low enough i figured I could easily hear the artifacts, and know it was in fact transcoding. It was, and it played just fine, just like it does transcoding to 96 kbps but of course sounding much more crappy.

    Even at that low bitrate ogg source files were not playable, so I am now suspecting that somehow the mime type of the source file is getting sent, rather than the mime of the destination - I don't think the issue is due to the delay between when the file is requested and when ampache actually sends it, because this would occur for mp3 in my test.

    I'm still not sure how to view the sent mime types, though.
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    To anyone who is interested, I have a new update for AmpacheXL that uses the plugin from the Audiophile app for music playback. (Thanks to Josh, the developer of Audiophile for the assistance) In theory, this new plugin should provide good support for playing FLAC and OGG files natively and (hopefully) play back the transcoded files that several people were having trouble with.

    I am primarily looking for feedback from people who have had issues with playing transcoded files, though anyone who wants to try the app and give feedback is welcome too.

    The latest app version can be downloaded from here: To install it on the TouchPad you will need a homebrew installer like Preware or WOSQI.
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    looks like this absolutely works! For some reason however, it looks like the blue 'download progress' indicator component of the play progress bar does not work - it always stays as a tiny dot at the beginning of the bar. Obviously incorrect since the music in fact plays, but a bug nonetheless.

    I also ran into an issue where resuming from pause didn't work, but I can't seem to replicate it now.

    this is awesome!! My music plays great regardless of source format - I'm still transcoding because my source files are lossless and I don't feel like punishing my home's upstream bandwidth like that right now.
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    FLAC definitely works, however on my EVDO connection it's just not fast enough to have smooth playback so I ended up switching transcoding back on.

    My biggest feature requests right now are:

    • Ability to set tap to default to "Enqueue/Play single song" (rather than have to hold and select from the dropdown). Since this is my default action of choice I'd love to be able to set this to be my default action.
    • When I tap on an item in the search results, it starts playing the first item in that search list... this seems like a bug to me. It should play the item I clicked on.
    • Download/Buffering information. I want to know what the player is doing when it's thinking/download/buffering a song. If it's stuck, or slow, or doesn't have Internet access - I have no way of knowing. So sometimes I'm sitting there waiting for the song to play, and then later I found out my WIFI actually got disconnected. It would be nice to see a little % count for buffering, and a status for "buffering", "connecting", etc...
    • Sometimes when I select a song #1 to play from the now playing list, it tells me that I've selected the song under it (song #2) and it shows up in the bottom left corner. Then, once the song has buffered, the player wakes up and displays the correct song again. It's not a big deal - but sometimes it makes me re-click my song selection thinking I clicked on the wrong one.

    Other wise, it's a great start!
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    it Seems it might not switch songs always if in the background. It's done this for two consecutive songs now
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    it also seems that if the screen turns off the music stops, and when it turns back on, the only way to get the music started again is either to restart ampache xl or wait about 5 minutes or so, at which time it seems it spontaneously starts up again.
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    The screen off issue was a problem for early Audiophile builds as well. Sending thewbman the code he needs to fix that now.
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    So hopefully I have fixed the major issues and am ready to release the latest version of the app into the catalog. Playback should now work fine when the screen turns off. And fixed playback for certain bitrate files. I will submit it to the app catalog in a few days barring any new issues. Anyone who wants to try it out can get the release here:

    And a few other comments:
    - you can set the default action when you tap a song in the preferences, the 4th line down. this is a universal setting, so it covers both search results and normally selecting.
    - with the new plugin there isn't really buffering/downloading information available. but i did add a popup message for when you select a song to play to let you know it is attempting to download and play the song. hopefully this should clean up some issues with the inherent delay between starting a song and getting the visual feedback about it.
    - there still seams to be an occasional issue with showing artists and their albums correctly, but i cant recreate it now so i dont know how to fix it permenently.
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    I will look through the FFmpeg source to see if there is a way to add buffer percentage to the plug-in. It would be handy to have that on Audiophile proper also.
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    I have submitted version 0.3.5 of Ampache XL to the App Catalog. Hopefully it will go live in the next few days. Feel free to download it here now:
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    When i try to add a new server Ampache xl keeps telling me that i didn't put ampache in the URL. What can i do about it?
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    if hour setup is correct to not have 'ampache' in the url you can just ignore that message and you won't see it again when using the app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thewbman View Post
    if hour setup is correct to not have 'ampache' in the url you can just ignore that message and you won't see it again when using the app.
    Thanks for the reply.Sorry i didnot make myself clear I am putting /ampache in the URL but it insists that i am not!
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    that is odd. There might be some bug you are seeing that works OK on my system. If you want to contact me directly I could look into specifically why it isn't working with your setup. My email is thewbman at
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