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    I just submitted my new TouchPad app Advanced HTML Email to HP App Catalog, hopefully it will be available this weekend.

    YouTube Video Demo is here:


    Visit my Facebook page to have more screenshots:
    My App Catalog, LLC - Internet/Software - Clarksville, TN | Facebook

    Hope you like this app. Let me know if you have any question.

    Thank you for your support.
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    Looks like you put a lot of work into this app. I hope you sell a lot of it.
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    Wow...nice email update. Can't see using it, but then you may have more professional template and backgrounds I did not see (note I did not watch the whole video). Either way, Keep up the Great Work! Sorli...
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    Hey that looks slick!
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    I hope you will have a in-app purchase for diff packages from serious business to crazy sexy animé :-)

    Very cool
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    but what if someone receives an email like this on their touchpad?
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    Very nice looking app. You should look into making an Enyo editor, now THAT would be a nice app.
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    I bought this app yesterday, and delivers. The above is a good representation, but the app itself is above and beyond. My 2 favourite neices ( ok... I only have 2 ) are going to love getting emails from me. They are just learning how to read, I'm sure they will enjoy it thoroughly. Request for dev: Traffic signs...was actually looking for a STOP sign....found another version of stop, but took awhile due to large amount of icons. Also maybe animated alphabet letters would be coolio.

    Thanks for giving me the edge in the favorite uncle contest

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