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    I just got the invite and have Spotify on both my Destkop PC and my Pre Plus

    But all songs have an exclamation point on the Pre with various messages:

    1) This is a local file but has not been sunchronized to this device


    2) This track is currently not available for streaming on Spotify (though it is part of there Hello America playlist that they featured)

    I assume I am making a rookie error.
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    The mobile app features won't work unless you get the $10 plan.
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    I'm not positive on it but i think what happens is, similar to what Malpha said, only certain features work on the free versions. I'm not totally clear as once i found out it didn't fit my needs i just stopped using it, but this is sort of how i think it works.

    If you have a free account it will NOT play your entire library from your phone. It will only play certain songs. I don't know how it picks. It may be just playlists, but i'm not sure. Some of my playlists worked. My app said it had synced 700+ songs. But i couldn't search my entire library and play any of my songs. It seemed like it just randomly picked some.

    But i think if you want to stream you're entire collection you have to pay a fee. Which stinks.
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