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    Looks Good. Hope it is not just released in the States.

    Amazon Kindle for TouchPad Getting Ready for Prime Time [Video] | News |webOSroundup

    Our friends over at managed to get their hands on the beta version of the upcoming Amazon Kindle app for the HP TouchPad at an HP launch event in Munich, Germany. The Kindle “app” that came pre-loaded on the TouchPad out of the box ended up being just a place holder for the real thing, much to the disappointment of many who were looking forward to digging into their Kindle books on the TouchPad.

    In this video we get a nice demonstration of the Kindle app that we hope will come packaged with the upcoming OTA update for the TouchPad if not soon after. Those familiar with the app on other platforms will find many of the same features such as text re-sizing, brightness adjustment, text notes, and search.

    -WiFi HP TouchPad 32GB, July 2011 (Day 1)
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    That looks cool. Wonder if you can set it to be just one page (like using a Kindle). Guess I'll just have to sit tight for a little longer

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