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    A brand new KenKen style game has arrived for Pre/Pre2/Pre3 and HP TouchPad

    Ken2X (based on KenKen, also known as MathDoku and CalcuDoku) is a logic puzzle game loved by millions around the world, appearing in numerous daily newspapers, including "The Times" and "Daily Mail" Similar to Sodoku, the user has to place a series of numbers in a grid without repeating any number in any row or column until the grid is complete.

    The game features -

    - An infinite number of puzzles (based around multiple cage systems)
    - Gridsizes from 3 to 6
    - Easy to follow stage by stage tutorial
    - Optional Operator parameters (all operators or multiply/addition only)
    - Numerous optional themes
    - Music and sound options
    - 3 clue "Hint system"
    - Pencil & Eraser system

    The game is available on the App Catalog now -

    Price $1.50.
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