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    I'm a huge Audible fan and I really miss the Audible app on my iPhone. Here are some ways we can contact them:

    Via Email:
    Via Phone: 1-888-283-5051
    Via the Post:

    One Washington Park
    Newark, NJ 07102

    I e-mailed and called and will write a letter this week. If we want apps we have to let them know how much we want them.
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    I requested it last week as well....

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    Titled modified to request -- we request apps on PreCentral, not demand them.
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    Before Audible came as an app to iOS, i was syncing audiobooks via iTunes. Then I stopped syncing that way because theres a dedicated app.
    I beleive in audibles manager (on PC), theres an option to download audio books as an mp3 (or some other format.. its been a long time since i used different options other than itunes). And then sync with HP Play or anything equivalent. I still dont own a touchPad (Waiting for ATT version). Sorry i cant answer the "how-to" part until then. I guess it could work tho'.
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    Another way to notify Audible is to open a support chat session. I did that recently and documented it on another thread in these forums -
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    Great idea! Audible is a neat service.
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    Has anyone adopted this request?
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    Has anyone adopted this request?
    Doesn't look like it. Might be tough considering Audible is technically a proprietary DRM format.

    You might want to consider converting your .AA files to something like mp3 or m4b (assuming Fair Use rights) and using Music Player (remix) which can auto-bookmark last played location.
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    ...just to add some other options:

    Although it might not be ideal, I remember in another thread (and personally use), an audio media streaming PC server that coupled with Dr.Podder.

    Although Dr.Podder has been taken over and regurgitated to get onto the TP (can't remember the new name right now), you can stream audio books from a home LAN to the TP via the old Dr.Podder app. It also remembers locations/bookmarks.

    I can't remember if someone else had made the server or the original author, but I found it through a Dr.Podder thread.

    And, I haven't tried it out on the 'New Dr.Podder', but would assume it would still work?
    Anyone tried this yet?

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