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    I noticed pretether says ip forwarding. I noticed a few sites like my banking site ask for a cookie to save. My touchpad didn't ask for this cookie when first logged in to the bank, leaving me to think the cookie thinks the pre & tp are the same.

    If we were to load sprint navs ipk would there be any possibility it would think your tp is your pre too since pretether uses ip forwarding?

    It would probably run in emulator mode & I doubt i'd use it, but just a fun "maybe" its possible idea? Anyone tried it?

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    Interesting questions and observations. Looking forward to some response. Sorli...
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    only way to find out is to do.

    get internalz
    copy the com.blahblahblah.sprintnav to /media/internal
    usb mode and copy to your computer
    use palm-package to package for install on the TP
    use palm-install with your TP connected

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