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    Google cripples everything webOS.. Google+ is a great example (if you don't believe me... try notifications on the tp.....)
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    I never used Twitter, and G+ is imho closer to Twitter than Facebook, so I tend to use G+ in ways that I would have used Twitter, if I had. Does that make sense? <_<
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    I'm not a very heavy G+ user, but all I have tried today with the stock browser was working well. I could even start Angry Birds and interact with the app. Only playing was not possible because trying to stretch the sling just moved the browser page. But I think this is a general webOS problem which also occurs with Google Maps and probably some other "drag-enabled" web apps.
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    Google + through the browser is not a fun experience ,too laggy and a bit buggy.think I'll stick to my phone and PC until someone gets us a functioning app for the TP
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    Any chance of at least getting a Google + Messenger app? It's not possible to access/contribute in messages via the desktop version...

    For the Pre Plus and above please!
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