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    Yesterday did anyone else see the batch of TouchPad apps from Postmedia Network for their various Canadian newspapers? and pick one to install out of curiosity?

    if not, do a search for Postmedia and grab one like the Calgary Herald or Vancouver Sun - they have created a VERY nice app! I googled and found a tweet where someone commented that it took them 6 weeks using only web developers. I hope more companies see that opportunity and we get a ton more like this! or maybe Postmedia just needs to share with more media companies

    Cheers, Clarice


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    good call... just downloaded the Gazette and its pretty cool indeed.
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    Ya saw this this morning from a tweet! Got the Edmonton Journal app! Its a little laggy, but still great none the less!
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    Quote Originally Posted by noelb View Post
    Ya saw this this morning from a tweet! Got the Edmonton Journal app! Its a little laggy, but still great none the less!
    I downloaded the Edmonton Journal....but why? Well, there's an IndyCar race there in a week for me to lurk about for & it's always more fun to read the local headlines. Good stuff! Hope to visit Edmonton in the next year or two! Cheers.
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    I wish the star had an app.

    their regular website blows unless you go to the mobile version.

    also I hope that macleans releases an app for the touchpad
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    I saw this and was expected to see an add infested crap fest and was blown away at how nice and smooth it runs. I'm glad it's free.
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    nice it works now! For some reason all I could get yesterday was the top banner with weather and that's it. Well off to change my rating. Pretty nice app. Glad for some Canadian content in the catalog.
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    Good to see Canadian content ready for the Canadian launch. Anyone tried the Vancouver Sun?
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    The Ottawa Citizen app works very well, its good to see apps being made for the touchpad!
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