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    For some reason my dwnloaded apps don't show up in my just type searches. I've gone into settings and toggled the switch to on for "apps" but still noghting. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
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    It has happened to me a few times. A reset has fixed it each time.
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    My "Just Type" (currently renamed "Make it So" just up and dissapeared yesterday. Only thing I can figure is it was because I had the just type comfiguration open. Once I closed that, opened another random app, and then closed that app, it came back.

    Needless to say...there be some bugs
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    in my first few days things were really wonky - I'd either get no results or I'd see results and tap on the app and a different app would open - not sure what changed but it's been solid for almost a week (fingers crossed I didn't just jinx myself!)


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