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    As a total newbie/boob, how do I access Playon on the TP once I have it up and running on the PC?
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    On your local network bring up your browser in webos and go to -->

    AT first it wont see it but give it a couple seconds it should appear in the list.

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    ScottL is right, that should work. As an aside I love PlayOn on the Touchpad. I wish I could access this from places other than my home network where the PlayOn server is running.
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    bought that video player app for a small fee that Kendrick recommended and it easily finds the free video on the web, thanks james
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    You should be able to access PlayOn from an outside network using a static IP address through a service like I was just thinking about this yesterday while at work (it was a boring day) and am going to work it out this weekend and post directions if successful.
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