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    I am relatively new to the WebOS community and have been searching for an app that can do something I have been doing quite nicely on an iPad. GoodReader on the iPad is not only cloud (, Dropbox, Googledocs, etc) aware, but it also has a nice function of being able to sync. The scenario I want to replicate on TouchPad is to have a shared folder within a cloud service provider..let's say This allows me to have a folder on my PC desktop that is shared with my assistant's PC. She can drop files onto this folder on her desktop and it automatically syncs up with my PC. Dropbox does this wonderfully and I assume similar function is available on Now to the TouchPad, I want to have a document viewer that then syncs to this same folder in the cloud and replicates all files in the folder to a local folder on the TouchPad.

    On an iPad, I do a quick sync before I leave home. The sync is done by going into GoodReader, hit one button and all files in the folder are then synced locally. I then have everything I need on the fly without having to worry about internet connection.

    It is the syncing aspect that I can't seem to locate in current WebOS apps. Any pointers to apps that exist?

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    Steven, first of all, welcome to the best mobile OS community out there. We're glad to have you.

    Well, you get a free 50GB account with your TouchPad. Just search for the Box app in the App Catalog, install it, then launch it and create your credentials. I did that last night but so far haven't found a way to have Box monitor a folder on my PC or TouchPad to keep them in sync.

    However, ZumoDrive will monitor folders on your PC that you can access from any webOS device. And I am fairly certain you can upload files from your webOS device to that monitored folder on your PC via the ZumoDrive app.

    But all of this requires manual work, it's not automatic syncing (expect on the PC side). I don't know of any truly automatic syncing for webOS devices.
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    u can use either google docs or get the app typewriter beta. Typewrite syncs to dropbox I beleive.
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    box net business acct has doc syncing. You would have to pay for this feature currently.

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