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    I'm off for Asia this weekend and going to give the TouchPad its due trial by not taking my iPad2. I've got movies loaded for the flights but would like to add some good games.

    Any suggestions (other than Angry Birds)?
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    Tap tap rockets and robotek.
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    Fortix 2 is pretty awesome.
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    Robotek HD for sure
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    TouchPad games you should checkout!

    Super KO Boxing 2 - Glu

    Was good on the original Pre, but easily 2 or 3x better on the TP with the larger screen and control placement. Love this game and can finally beat some opponents that before were simply to difficult

    The Settlers - Gameloft

    Similar to Super KO Boxing 2...screen size helps tremendously, but the only disappointment is the graphics show a little edge in detail going widescreen.

    Sparkle - LITE - 10tons Ltd.

    Love this game and plan to purchase the full version...since I've finished the first level on the TP. What can't I say, Graphics, Sound, Game Play, and very addictive application. Sorry to say the developer 10tons doesn't have that many apps in their arsenal besides this even on other platforms, but hopefully this will change soon!

    Angry Birds HD - Rovio

    Should speak for itself, but let me throw in how much better this is on the TP. Wow, graphics, sound, and interface is way easier on the larger screen. Big Thumbs UP!

    Dead Runner - Distinctive Developments Ltd

    Cool Game...honestly one of the best looking and formulated games on any mobile platform and this one is free (though I'm sure they have a more complete version for sale)

    Games that I miss and would love TouchPad versions!

    Defensive Warefare - ProDev Software

    Loved this Tower Defense game on my Pre, but found it difficult to keep tabs on things needing to scroll up and down on a smaller screen. Sadly this game uses Mojo tech and doesn't not extend itself and take advantage of the larger screen size provided by Enyo and PDK games. An update would be Fantastic!

    Asphalt5 - Gameloft

    Not sure why Asphalt5 did not transfer from my Pre automatically, but my profile loads this on my Pre, but no go on TP??? Actually, has anyone else been able to recover Asphalt5 from their original Pre purchase and continue using it on their TP? Either way, this was a great game and one of my favorite "I'm bored and need to rest" games. Hopefully, Gameloft is busy updating their applications and migrating something new like Asphalt HD over to webOS???

    Supersonic 3D - Kuuasema

    Let me just say WOW and if their showing their latest iPad app is any indication of cool...I can't wait till this arrives on the TP. Kinda suprised their PDK version already on my Pre did not transfer over and I'm guessing some developers are allowing this and others are blocking the transfer from mobile to tablets.

    Either way, the developers Deserve a BIG Thumbs Up for their efforts and I love what they have done across the board. Thanks and keep up the great work! Sorli...
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    I've already played through Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds Rio HD on my iPad 2, so those are off the list for now. I will definitely check out the others.

    Too bad Armageddon Squadron 2 isn't out...
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    galcon fusion - lots of game modes...
    tilestorm polar xhd - neat puzzle slider game
    duke nukem 3d - if you are looking for a little 3d fps retro action. Controls are a tiny bit wonky but passable.
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    The Settlers looks good, but doesn't look like a full screen Touchpad app...
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    robotek HD and any other hexage games should be good
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    If you like flying games Glyder 2 HD has been fun. My son has been hogging my TP since I downloaded it yesterday. Tap Tap Rockets is also a challenging game that you can spend a lot of time on. Another vote for Robotek HD as well, that is a must have since it is free and well done.
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    another nod for Fortix 2 and Sparkle HD, Sudoku is also great for long trips
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    NFSU working on TP? This is one of the games I would enjoy finishing on the TP.

    Also Hero of Sparta and Family Guy? (games I bought when on sale and hardly/never played)?

    Sorry to go a lil OT, just curious.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...

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