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    I intend on voting with my pocketbook. If we do not receive support for the Touchpad, and as previously promised, I will no longer subscribe to Spotify and will seek an alternative. I would highly suggest, for anyone seeking to have Spotify on the Touchpad, to do the same.
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    Thanks man! Works perfectly.
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    Thanks to ChrisML I got the new ipk. Installed following the steps and it worked perfectly!
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    Techferret: Thanks...Spotify on Beats Audio sounds much better, now to wait for an actual HD version.

    I'm not sure sure about the Beats Audio, it is a bit rubbish to be honest. Speakers on my Palm Pre are pretty similar. Definitely not good enough to use as a music source on the Touchstone dock in my living room. Going to have to invest in a bluetooth receiver to connect to my stereo I think!
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    Hi everyone, new to the TouchPad and this forum. Thanks to everyone for this information. From this site I have Hulu and Spotify on my TP! Thanks so much!
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    Interesting thing, you can manage your touchpad's spotify once it is installed from the desktop client if they are connected to the same network! Too bad I found out after i downloaded some playlists...
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    I followed these instructions to a tee, but when I launch Spotify I just see a picture of a phone with a blank screen.

    If I remove the com.spotify.palmserver.json and com.spotify.palmserver.service files from the various locations I copied them to then I see a Spotify login screen going crazy.

    I'm running webOS 3.0.2. Any ideas?
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    Same issue here...Spotify login screen acts like buttons are being pushed without it being touched. Did I miss a step or something?
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    Well, I solved my problem. I just didn't pay enough attention to the directions. I copied the files using WebOS Quick Install "Send File" feature, so I copied and pasted the directories I needed to move the files to. For example, I was sending the files to:


    instead of:


    I went back through and deleted all the extra directories I had created and then copied the files to the correct folder, rebooted, and it works like a charm!
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    I copied the files at a shell prompt, and I've triple checked they're all present and correct, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    I've installed a bunch of stuff through Preware but I can't think of anything that could be affecting this, and removing my custom kernel didn't make any difference.

    I have no idea what's wrong..
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    Thanks everyone. Having Spotify on my Touchpad is the icing on the cake
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    THANK YOU! This works perfect.

    Now Android on TP means nothing to me.
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    When I go to the folder that has the 2 unzipped files on webOS Quick Install nothing shows up. What am I doing wrong?
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    I reset my device and now Spotify works! Very strange, but happy now.

    Thanks to the guys who figured this out!
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    Members - Though we may support your efforts personally, per our Forum Guidelines we do not allow links to file sharing sites or 'mega' share sites like megadownload. Also, do not distribute .ipk's with proprietary files owned by Palm(HP) as this violates distribution rules.

    Any such links will be deleted by staff. Share info info like that privately, but please do not post it publicly. Thank you!
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    can someone help a spotify noob....

    I received an invite last night. So I installed it on my ipad2. Its the free acct.

    The problem is that I can only play my local files. Streaming is not allowed for non-premium paid accounts.

    so what's all the hoopla about?
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    vulcanman, streaming is allowed (although supported by ads) for free non-premium accounts. Possibly check your firewall settings, or check out spotify's support page.
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    paid version has offline listening. that is all i needed to take this TouchPad experience over the top...
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    can someone pm me the ipk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpham00 View Post
    can someone pm me the ipk?
    I would love to get the needed files too!
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