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    what's your email I'll help you out
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    I, too, would greatly appreciate a working .ipk if it isn't too much trouble. PM coming your way!
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    pm sent!
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    PM too plz, i really need the full .ipk
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisML View Post
    what's your email I'll help you out
    Sent you a pm with my email, hoping for a quick reply!

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    Couldn't get it to work: the initial .ipk would not update - please pm me more info to install or a working .ipk.

    I'm a Spotify premium subscriber and use it on my Pre2 - would love to make it work on the TP

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    I pm'd too
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    I'd like a PM as well of the ipk, I want to get Beats audio with my Spotify Premium account...thanks!
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    If anyone has the full ipk, help a butha out via PM. Thanks!
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    So, has anyone just tried going to and downloading from there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayphoonstar View Post
    So, has anyone just tried going to and downloading from there?
    Yep and I follow the link to the HP App Catalog and it says it's not available for your model... Been trying to find a real ipk on the googles but have been unsuccessful.
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    Hey could I get the ipk too please? Thanks!
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    I have an original Palm Pre with spotify on it.

    I just went into my Pre and copied the spotify application folder from:


    to the same folder on my HP Touchpad, and did a Luna restart, then it appeared in my download folder as an app with the right icon and all.

    I did previously copy across those files from the zip folder, but the automatic update thing was not working for me so I had to do it this way. This seems to work fine! (note that it does not appear in the "application" tab in preware - not sure if this will be an issue or not - it does appear in the Software Manager).

    Just setting it up to download the playlists I want for offline playing, and seems also to be working fine, as well as syncing with spotify on my laptop and the local files there.
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    Can anyone provide that ipk? I am absolutely DESPERATE for Spotify on the beast!
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    I don't know the rules on this forum, but here is the full spotify .ipk and instructions on getting it working.

    PM for link (install with webOSinstall)

    3. Download this zip file

    from tfelgentreff's post. I had to download it to my pc since I couldn't figure out how to get the zip to open and extract on the TP. Then I used WebOS Quick Install to send the 2 files in the zip to the download directory of the TP. Then, using Internalz HD I copied the files as noted by nachuman is his earlier post as follows:

    copy the file 'com.spotify.palmserver.service' to:


    and copy the file 'com.spotify.palmserver.json' to:


    4. Restart your Touchpad.

    I take no credit for this its all thanks to: ChrisML for the repacked .ipk and kayphoonstar for the instructions posted earlier in this thread.

    Hopes this help all of you out, it worked for me!
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    worked for me...thanks! still hoping for a full-screen HD version, but this works for now
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    thanks much! Works just fine.
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    Haha, I take no credit for the repacked .ipk. Poor guy got banned who posted it originally. I'm glad I could help you guys out. Spotify is a GREAT SERVICE. I'm glad I can run it in the background even if it isn't a full screen app. The integration with the notifications bar is awesome.
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    Thanks...Spotify on Beats Audio sounds much better, now to wait for an actual HD version.
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    The Spotify thread for a HD version - or even any version showing in the Catalogue is here:

    When Spotify will be available on the HP Touchpad?

    Currently the hottest topic on the Spotify support site....
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