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    this isn't for the faint of heart and still quite buggy, but it IS possible to run citrix on TP (even if thru ubuntu) - once it launches, the speed is quite usable.

    propellerheads : see this
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    If HP is marketing this to the enterprise or the "prosumer", then why is Citrix not a top priority app? I still have to use my gf's Ipad to connect to our Citrix farm.
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    Update on Citrix coming Sept 9... From my palm dev team contact!
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    If correct, THAT would be fantastic! As a matter of fact, I just got off the phone with HP Customer Service (they had called to survey my Touchpad customer experience/issues), and the Citrix situation was one (of many) I cited. Hope they are pulling out the "big guns" to aggressively support WebOS (as promised) vs. throwing in the towel and "cutting their losses."
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    got updated by Karen from Palm GBU, Citrix development is on hold...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    got updated by Karen from Palm GBU, Citrix development is on hold...
    Been pushing on it at my Corp as well. We use HP/EDS for internal support, so hopefully requests will funnel in at a slightly more elevated level. Not holding my breath though.
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    Citrix was working for me with https, but quit with the update. I can still log in, but the apps no longer work.

    I see they've completely removed the Tech Preview Citrix receiver from the apps catalog also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysurf View Post
    Likewise here. Tried logging in to my hospitals Cerner EMR today, and got the ubiquitous "A required library is missing (SSL error 6)" message. My I.T. Guy said he'd run it by one of the higher level tech's but that they are only officially supporting iPads and Android devices at this time.

    If there is no fix by the end of my 30 day return window, I'll need to move on to a supported device.
    same issue here on my hospital in Houston, no love at all
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