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    Trying out all kinds of new stuff with my touchpad.

    Decided to try quake from homebrew.
    It starts up, but you can't really do anything because of the lack of physical keyboard. Got the bright idea to pair a keyboard.

    After fiddling with pairing an Apple a1255 bluetooth keyboard, finally got it working. Typing this post using it.

    Next up.. Quake..

    Took a bit of figuring out what was going on with the keybindings (action vs. Normal keyboard mode along with caps lock was causing all kinds of screwy behavior.

    Once I got it sorted out: Quake working awesome on the TP.

    Maybe i'll blog or take a vid tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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    Awesome. This is one of the first things I show my friends on my Pre-. It doesn't hurt that we still go to Quake lan parties every year now for the last oh, 12 to 14 years?
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    cool hopefully you can also get QuakeLive going on the Touchpad so i will have a reason to get one!!
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    Somewhat fed up with the negativity on the Touchpad so i figured I'd at least throw some love its way.

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    Once you pair a keyboard up to get into the game itself, does the onscreen overlay control work?

    I don't currently have access to the BT keyboard to try but I'd be very interested to know.
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    Is the remapping of keys necessary and/or difficult?
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    Anyway to do this without the KB?
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    edit the config.cfg to have "map e1m1" in it, then you can at least start
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    Where is the config.cfg file located. I've been searching through the file system for a little bit and haven't found it.
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    so is there a way to actually start the game with touch only and not with the use of keyboards?
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    It doesn't look like there is. I paired a bluetooth to it, and you can use the menu then, and then the onscreen controls work.

    I wish that it were GLquake! heh
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