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    Does anyone else find it disturbing that the review of the TED app in Pivot doesn't actually match the functionality of the app? I mean, yes the app lets you watch videos from TED Talks, but it mentions category functionality and an "Inspire Me" button that just don't exist in the actual app.

    Hopefully that's just something that's a byproduct of needing to review apps for Pivot to have an 'issue' ready for launch, and that there won't be further inaccuracies like that.
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    are you looking at the phone (mojo) app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    are you looking at the phone (mojo) app?
    Nope, it's definitely the Enyo version, downloaded and launched through Pivot.

    The app has "TED Talks", "TED Podcasts", "TED Conferences", and "TED Fellows".

    Pivot describes being able "to browse (and discover) its archives according to tags (psychology, memory, etc.), and themes" as well as mentioning being able to see 9 random ones to choose from, the ability to create playlists, select based on lengths of time, or save for offline viewing.

    None of that functionality actually exists in the app. It's almost as if it's an entirely different app than what they reviewed.

    Edit: In fact, it sounds like someone reviewed the iPad app, which has those features, assuming that when the webOS version came out that it would too.
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    now THAT would be funny!
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    Oh dear. I just hope they add those features to the app. XD
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    Well, it looks like they fixed the issue.

    ... Not by updating the app, but by updating Pivot at some point, so it no longer refers to those missing features that the iPad app has.
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    Read the tweets July 10th, apparently HP screwed the pooch on the original review. Richard Kerris made it right.

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