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    Loving my new Touchpad... it's my first WebOS device. That said, I'm conditioned by the Apple AppStore for both my iPhone and iPad to expect to see what changes are included in any new App update before downloading.

    I don't see this anywhere in Software Manager or the HP App Catalog. Am I missing something or is this a missing feature?

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    App devs have a field they can fill out for what is new in a version, but it isn't required. I would check if it shows on the app catalog but my wifi router died so no internet for the touchpad right now.
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    Thanks mosdl. I'll say this, I've gotten updates for several apps (7+) so far, including the HP App Catalog, but not seen any notes on update content. I don't even see where that might be displayed in the current interface.
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    There's no standard mechanism for this. Some developers put this info in the App Catalog description, others have some custom code in their app to display a dialog, others have a change log on the app support page.

    I do all three, to try to get the word out: Outline Tracker Support

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