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    Hey everyone,

    Is there an option somewhere I missed regarding preference for email body? I get emails that have both a text and html bodies and the email app of the Touchpad will show me the text version of the email and not the html version. Anybody know how to fix that so that I see the html version of the email instead of the text version?
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    that is a setting in the mail service. Are you referring to gmail?
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    I guess an example is in order. Emails that I get through my Exchange account are full html when I look at them in Outlook or on my iPhone, but when I view the same email on my TP, I see the text version of that email.
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    I have the same question. I've been getting some emails that are showing up HTML and some showing up only text even though they are HTML. I thought it was a email app limitation that certain HTML emails couldn't be rendered but after I installed the homebrew optimizations I actually managed to load one such email with HTML rendering for a split second before it changed to the unredered text version.

    Anyone know what's going on with this?
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    Exchange 2003 doesn't normally support HTML for mobile clients. For example, Microsoft's own WP7 doesn't support it:

    Exchange ActiveSync Considerations When Using Windows Phone 7 Clients - TechNet Articles - Home - TechNet Wiki

    Android 2.x doesn't either, but reportedly Honeycomb and iOS use some hacks to get HTML emails.
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    SO this is just an issue with 2003? 2007 and 2010 should work fine if you're connected to a server using either of those two?
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    Solved (for me anyways)

    After submitting a help desk ticket to my company's IIT dept where my only request was for information, specifically I asked whether touchpad was on the "not supported" list and explaining that I was getting text emails, I got back a "resolved" ticket with the resolution field stating "migration completed successfully" After that I lost all email access...boy was I ****ed. So I did the simplest thing first and removed and then re-added the Exchange acct on my iPhone....turns out they migrated me from to Now all my emails come in as HTML on my Touchpad. Hope this helps someone.
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    i'm syncing my touchpad e-mail client with hotmail using exchange (because hotmail doesn't support imap and pop doesn't sync in real time) and I'm having this same issue, how do you get the e-mails to default to HTML?
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    I have researched this and this is what I have come up with:

    Hotmail uses an older standard of Exchange Activesync (I believe its Activesync 2.5) that doesn't support HTML through mobile syncing. Most Enterprise Exchange configurations that use Exchange 2003 SP2 and newer can sync HTML with mobile devices.

    Hotmail's mobile Exchange server is , and it is the reason why you and I can sync our mail, contacts, and calendars with our mobile devices.

    The exchange functionality is new to Hotmail, I believe it was released under a year ago. Since Microsoft took close to 5 years to add this on to Hotmail (which I'm guessing uses lots of old code) they had to start the exchange conversion with an old version of Exchange. At the time, Blackberry ruled the mobile email world and didn't use HTML email so text email was an acceptable feature.

    Basically this is a problem with Microsoft using an older version of Activesync on their Hotmail mobile exchange server.

    WebOS, Android, and iOS all license Activesync from Microsoft so they can integrate Exchange features (email, contacts, calendars) into their operating systems.

    According to Activesync 2.5, mobile email is forced into text mode. If WebOS follows Activesync's strict protocol, it will obey to this rule. The only way to get Hotmail's version of Activesync to work with HTML is if the Mobile device's Activesync bends the rules.

    HTML works fine when I sync Hotmail through Exchange with my iPad 2, it works with Microsoft Outook, and it works with a program called Touchdown on Android. It does not work on many other email clients. I believe these programs work because they bend the rules of Activesync.
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    So is there a solution?

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