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    I am a palm Pre + user and have synched my calendar with the older Palm Desktop via Chapura's Echo app.

    I'm not a big fan of google calendar, and contacted Chapura to see if they might be coming out with an app for the TP and here's their response.



    Currently, the application will not work with the Touchpad. Right now we can’t say much more than we do plan to support the TouchPad. Until we can test our software with the TouchPad to determine any obstacles we will be able to tell you more.


    So hopefully we'll see something soon!
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    I e-mailed them on 7/2 about PocketMirror and they confirmed that Touchpad support is planned as well. No timeline was given.
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    Hi All,

    I emailed Chapura this morning to also ask about availability on Touchpad.

    Here is my reply:

    We are still undecided as to whether or not we will support Echo on the Pre3. There may not be enough sales of Echo to warrant updating the software for the Touchpad.
    Once we have made a final determination we will let you know.

    So, all you Palm Desktop/Echo fans let them know you want it!
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    Another option is CompanionLink. They currently have a product that syncs Outlook to google & Synergy syncs google to webOS. They also have CompanionLink USB that syncs Outlook directly to webOS over USB, but is currently available for webOS 1.x only. They have a new version for webOS 2.x/3.x in testing and have confirmed in their blog that they are continuing development despite HP's decision.

    We've had good luck with the previous version of CompanionLink & hope to new version works as well. You can get more info at their website at: Sync calendar and contacts on Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry - CompanionLink
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    Thank you for the additional information and suggestions!

    I noticed the fine print....

    Note: The Palm Pre 2, HP Veer, and other webOS 2.0+ devices are currently incompatible with CompanionLink USB Sync. Syncing via Google is the current recommended solution.

    After loosing classic, I finally broke down and went with Chapura Echo on my Pre2 and I'm quite please with being able to continue to use my 10 years + of Agendus data on the desktop. Now I just need something to sync with the Touchpad. Preferably LOCAL SYNC and not the cloud.

    Guess which ever company gets it done first will get my money.
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    @kiyva That's why I said the Outlook -> google -> Synergy works right now. CompanionLink USB for webOS 2.x & 3.x is in final testing.
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    I got reply from Chapura that they're developing Echo for Pre3 at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    I got reply from Chapura that they're developing Echo for Pre3 at the moment.
    Chapura just told me, they were still undecided wether or not they would update Echo for the Touchpad.

    Maybe someone should ask them to do so.
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    Hey guys,

    I'm not sure, if anybody's still reading this thread, but yesterday I got an answer from Chapura about Echo for the TouchPad. Don't want to get your hopes down, but this was the answer:


    We appreciate your support. Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to support the Touchpad with Echo.

    Thank you,

    Chapura Support"

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