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    My question is, Do App updates and apps to store come at a weekly date- for example every monday?

    Or Do Applications added to store and updates happen every day of the week?

    P.S has anyone been able to find any text on the Kindle app? I have been opening it 10 times a day praying the update will happen soon!
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    Apps get added on a flow basis, so there could be new apps every day (not many Tpads new apps over this past weekend). There is also an app called Software Manager that should notify you when updates are available on your existing apps. I say "should" because some members are reporting that they are not being notified of updates. If not, tap the Software Manager icon, give it a second to load up your app list and it should tell you at the bottom of the page whether you have any updates. Because you have the placeholder for Kindle, I suspect that the Software Manager will tell you when the update is available.

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