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    A while back, on the pre, there was a phantom download bug with apps. I now have one on the TouchPad. Yelp! is stuck. Tried reboot, delete, etc. Nothing works.

    With the pre I could download terminal & run a reboot to fix it, but what can be done with the touchpad? Anyone else having this happen? I'll post a screenshot if I can figure it out.....(from the touchpad). In the meantime, yelp appears as a ghost/transparent app icon on the screen. It has the blue wheel, and shows full blue. It has been there for two days now & I have excellent wifi.

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    Oh jeez, not again! I had that same problem on my Pre once. Don't know how to help you on the TP, though.
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    Solution....found from a similar issue in the bug thread(posting just in case someone else goes searching). Go to 'Device Info', then 'Reset Options', then 'Restart'. It worked. Regular reboot didn't, but 'Restart' did.

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