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    Hi all,

    Just looking at my most used iPad 1 apps with a view to what can be got on the Touchpad.

    What I am not sure about are these apps, are there any WebOS equivalents?

    Flipboard - No equivalent
    Guardian eyewitness - Distinctive photos from the Guardian newspaper
    IMDb app
    Sky+ view UK Sky information and Remote record programs
    BBC News
    Cut the Rope Game
    Kayak HD find flights, hotels etc
    Hop Game based on Hop Movie
    Google Analytics client
    Doodle Buddy finger drawing program
    VLC VLC media player
    Tripadvisor client
    BBC iPlayer client
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    If there are most will be Mobile versions. Wait a month or two and see what is available.
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    for the BBC ones, the website versions work - no need for apps for these...
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    for all of those I would just go to the web site.

    for drawing, try "just draw"

    not sure about the game, maybe Hopper's Pond"?

    trip advisor is called "trip that"

    BBC would be "Beeb News"

    VLC player... Try Remix, audiophile, or koto player.
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    Sorry for resurrecting old thread, but I wish webOS has the same ability as what this software can do.

    And it's on sale on the website above.

    Sadly the ACL isn't able to summon the installed CM as virtual OS.

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