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    On my brand new HP touchpad. I went to accounts and loaded my email credentials for 3 of my external emails - MSExchange and others.
    The device indicates they are all synced. When I go my Inbox, I get the listing of emails. I then select an email to read and all I get is the header.
    I deleted all the accounts and reloaded them. Same result.

    Anyone know what to do - this is frustrating - I can see the listing of emails, and the heading no body text.

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    Make sure it has the most current build of webOS. Also restart the device.
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    This happens to me at times as well. Sometimes it just won't show the message body for some reason. It happens on both my personal email (regular IMAP) and work email (ActiveSync).

    Usually closing and restarting the email app fixes it for me.
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    Wasn't that an issue already identified by the reviewers as well?
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    This happens to me as well. If i tap reply or forward i can read the email by scrolling down.
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    This happens to me quite often as well. The issue is usually because wifi lost connection. Which I think everybody knows is a huge deal.

    I have to toggle in & out of airplane mode to re-establish connection.

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