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    I can't get the audio links in NPR Reader to work on my TP. I click "Listen" and nothing happens. Anybody else seeing this?
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    app does not work for me but am listening fine via website media player now.
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    I know it sounds like a stupid question but is your volume turned on? Unlike the phones if the 'Ringer' is off no audio works.
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    I would consider this a good thing.
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    lol @midway.

    to the OP, I guess they called it NPR Reader because that's all it does.

    I'm not getting audio either.

    its a java script issue. If you run the page in a separate browser (allow popups) it tries to launch the player and thinks I have adobe flash older than version 8.

    in there help page it says they stream in wma and realaudio. Not sure if the flash player is using those codecs, or something else.

    definitely worth reporting.

    edit: a little more digging and it plays from my phone, so there is something wrong between the TP browser and their player. Good catch!
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    We've got plenty of NPR streams/podcasts in the TuneIn Radio application for the Touchpad.


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    I got a response from NPR support. They say the audio doesn't work due to "security concerns", they are aware of the problem, and they suggest hitting the Share button and selecting Open in Browser to listen.

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