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    good app for sure a sign the bigger folks are starting to release their app's for us ???
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    did you see who IN PART developed the app??? Is this indication of HTC getting into webOS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    I like this app but they have one huge flaw with it. Racing != Only NASCAR. Where is the F1, indycar, etc... news?
    That's a bummer, can't say I'm surprised though. Who's gonna make the Speed app?

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    why can't this app be available in Canada! When I search through impostah it doesn't find it either
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    Imagine this app for brackets during March Madness.
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    can someone please post the app id for this app.....thanks
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    Here's the app ID info: Check out CBS Sports:
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    Have to agree with all the posters. This app is much nicer than any I have on my iPad. Functional yet attractive.
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    i saw this in the address bar but that is not what i put in impostah is it


    the page doesnt render properly for me on my laptop either
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    I seriously want this app...can someone help me out

    I typed along with some other combinations and impostah can't find it
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    Have you tried posting in the Impostah thread for assistance?
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    no but I will......thanks
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    Please send them feedback on the app. Always good to let them know their app is appreciately, and we're eagerly waiting on the video options!
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    You're right.. this is niiiiice. Following along with the Royals game right now! Thanks for posting this. I had seen it but not bothered downloading it. I'm glad I did.
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    in the meantime if anyone knows for sure what the app I'd is so I can test it please post itnhere
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    if you open internals and browse through the folders it should tell you the app id, it usually starts with com. (ex:angry birds is com.rovio.angrybirdshd)

    I found the app id's of my apps under appdata folder in internals.

    I would really appreciate it as I am dying for this app!
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    so is it possible to install this app for us Canadians? Any help would be appreciated!
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    HOOK US UP!!!!!!!
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    The app id is cbs.sports
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