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    I have a child(11 yrs old) that is developmentally delayed by approx. 4 yrs. My question is, are there any apps for the TouchPad currently out or in progress, for educational purposes, help learnig life-skills, etc, geared towards helping those with special needs? My in-laws saw a show on TV and it showed kids using the iPad and availbable apps it had. So they are on the kick that I should buy an iPad for her. I will do anything for her of course, I was just hoping that the webOS community may have some similar learning-educational type apps because I think the OS is much simplier to learn and use. (I have a Pre- myself and pray for the day a new webOS device comes to Sprint). Anywho, any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    hi dugd111,
    don't know if you've already discovered it:since I wanted to help my childs in learning 'word to word' contents I developed the app 'LearnToGo' in the tP app catalog.

    May be this could also help you?

    Best regards, martux
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    I'm not sure about apps for people with learning disabilities, but from my experience, if the person has trouble with fine motor skills, it would be hard for him/her to select items on touchscreens regularly. This would make most other tablets very hard to operate, but I'm sure that someone could make a patch to adjust the scroll radius, to make it easier for someone who has less precise control to make selections.
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    hi Dan,

    have you already tried 'LearnToGo' (it's free)? The whole screen has just 6 really big buttons to 'tap' in the 'learn mode'. I hope that's big enough.

    The only limitation is that the app is text based not icon based.

    best regard, martux

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