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    ok exhibition is great but you cant use it as an alarm clock. Is there any apps?
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    yez, the catalog has several
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    yez, the catalog has several
    Wil be checking them out later as I just got my Touchstone to put my TP by my bed. Any recommendations on the current apps available?
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    i tried to use powernap but it is not supported
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    It would be really weird, if HP wouldn't deliver a built-in clock app for that with a webOS update.

    I am pretty sure, that they just were a little bit late on that and just wanted to get this thing released asap...
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    I like TealTime.
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    Does TealTime "wake up" the Touchpad when an alarm is triggered? I mean if the screen is turned off will it light up?
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    I need powernap.............
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    Just wait for the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jusegozu View Post
    i tried to use powernap but it is not supported
    Quote Originally Posted by nytemyst View Post
    I need powernap.............
    No worries, guys. I'll have it fixed for TP soon
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