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    I work in healthcare in a university setting. Due to HIPAA (patient information protection) and FERPA (student information protection) federal laws, campus IT has some pretty strict requirements. Does the TouchPad allow for:
    1. Boot level encryption. If the device is stollen and the harddrive removed, is the data on it encrypted or can it be?
    2. What levels of password protection can be used at boot-up to restrict use of the device?
    3. Does anyone know what security the cloud storage implements? If I transfer patient information to the cloud so I can access it on the tablet, that information has to leave the campus firewall--which places it (and my job) at risk. The cloud provider will have to implement high level security.....
    4. Does the TouchPad connect to any network storage devices? I.E., could I transfer information to a network share within our campus wirewall and retrieve the information on the TouchPad?

    I REALLY want to buy the TouchPad, but I need to know what IT issues I would face ahead of time. Thanks to any of you brave "early adopters" for help with these questions!!
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    1. There is no hard drive, it's memory. At this point, there is no data encryption. There is likely to be in the future (the device is capable of it, just no software yet.)
    2. There are two password capabilities. A standard user password that allows access to the device at the user interface level, and a password that prevents the device from going into "developer mode" (a lower level access to the core operating system)
    3. It depends on the cloud storage system used. Dropbox is included built in to the OS. is being offered as a free service (50gb I think is the amount), and their security looks pretty good (you can see the information here) - don't know about Dropbox's security.
    4. The answer to the first is no, you cannot connect to outside storage (at this time) and transfer stored files to the TouchPad. But that's not the final answer. You can connect the TouchPad to a computer (using the TouchPad as a storage device), and transfer files to it. Also, if the TouchPad is on your LAN (behind the firewall), it can connect to your MS Exchange system, and access information stored in Exchange.

    I'd have to say, at this point unless your university has a segregated portion of their wireless dedicted to less secure use (I strongly suspect it does), I wouldn't recommend the TouchPad for use within the system. I believe their will be the types of controls you're looking for in the future, possibly soon, simply because this is HP, and they are going to be targeting these types of institutions.

    I would recommend you check to see if your university allows access via Citrix. That totally segregates the device from the network, serving only as a viewer. Most large universities have a Citrix server set up.

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