Mobileiron for TouchPad and webOS Management.

The Solution: The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform is the first solution to combine datadriven smartphone and tablet management with real-time
wireless cost control. It provides visibility into what’s on a smart device and how it’s being used, letting both IT and users better secure data and control costs without compromising privacy, even on employee-owned devices. The Virtual Smartphone Platform is packaged as an easy-to install server that is up and running in your corporate network in less than a day.

webOS Management

HP webOS combines an intuitive user interface and a powerful application development environment to deliver a mobile computing platform for the new generation.

The combination of Palm’s innovation with HP’s enterprise focus gives IT the confidence that webOS will provide user experiences which are both very attractive to users and enterprise-ready.

The flexibility of the webOS platform makes it ideal for powering a range of innovative devices that work together to keep businesses better connected to colleagues, partners and customers.

Continuing a rich history of innovation, webOS is the foundation of a long-term strategy to establish HP as a leader in the connected device space.

MobileIron enables companies today to deploy webOS-based devices securely, with remote management of password policy, device lock and device wipe.

MobileIron also takes advantage of the innovative HP TouchPad user interface to control mobile device access to the enterprise through MobileIron Sentry for TouchPad. (1)

(1) Access control thru MobileIron Sentry for TouchPad and security policy thru ActiveSync

Learn more in the MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform Datasheet or complete a device management demo request for a no-obligation demo.

How does it works ?: Although the video was made for the iPad back then , the service is the same for webos, ios,android,blackberry,symbiam and windows phone:

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