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    Beat the Traffic releases webOS app for TouchPad

    Beat the Traffic releases webOS app for TouchPad | NewscastStudio Blog

    Beat the Traffic is now available on the HP TouchPad, using the webOS operating system.

    As with all of Beat the Traffic’s mobile apps, Beat the Traffic for TouchPad enables commuters to check up-to the-minute live traffic maps in more than 110 cities in the USA and Canada, featuring detailed information on traffic incidents as well as traffic camera snapshots in 33 major metropolitan areas.
    “As one of HP’s key partners for the TouchPad’s launch, our developer team worked closely with HP to port our popular app to the webOS platform,” said Andre Gueziec, President & CEO of Triangle Software LLC, parent company of Beat the Traffic. “Our commitment is to deliver the richest and most efficient traffic information possible and HP’s webOS technology on the TouchPad helps us achieve this goal.”

    TouchPad will be the first portable device to use Beat the Traffic’s new generation of tablet-optimized HTML5 maps,which provide an uncluttered presentation and leverage some of the tablet’s technologies such as the location capabilities to center the information on the user’s vicinity.
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