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    Everybody that wants kik for webos keep on telling them it seems to be getting through.

    Kik Interactive, Inc
    @headgamer It's definitely possible. At this time it's not in development but you never know
    5 Jul via HootSuite
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    @Kik would be nice you and @HP @palm got together about this... hint hint. ;-)
    5 Jul
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    Looks like Kik just release a beta of their SDK, so any webOS devs looking for a project should take a look.

    I'm not sure if the iPhone SDK can be ported though.

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    Looks like webos users are making some headway, lets keep at em and show em how much we want Kik on webos

    veitia Kevin Veitia
    Any word on if we'll ever get @kik on our WebOS devices?
    28 Jul
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    Kik Interactive, Inc
    @veitia There's nothing to report right now - but I assure you that doesn't mean it's not possible in the future
    28 Jul via HootSuite
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    HP needs to implement a PUSH API for free before we'll see many IM applications come to webOS

    unless they finally opened up the messaging synergy API.

    (not a developer so im not sure)
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