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    For some reason I can't add my calendar like I have on my Pre-, is this a common bug that everyone is seeing? It tries to add and appears for a split-second and then goes away.
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    Have you added your Google account to the Accounts? Is it set for Calendar access? Are you sure the login credentials are correct?
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    Ah, that did it. Thanks very much!
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    Glad I could help, but two quick questions:
    1. I listed three things to check, which was it?
    2. Did you notice the Thanks button under the post? ;-)
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    I was setting up Google Calendar and kept getting an error and it wouldn't sync. For anyone who is having this problem, I fixed it on my touchpad by signing in using the gmail address instead of my normal one which isn't gmail and since they are synced at google, worked like a charm. Hope this helps anyone who was having the calendar sync problem!

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