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    I conducted my first skype call today with an old friend.

    I got his audio and video out of sync. He got my audio but no video. All I saw was a white box on the top left. I tried everything but couldn't manage video out.

    Bandwidth @ home is 20mb down, 60mb up. Fiber with N router, so it shouldn't be bandwidth issues.


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    I was successful with video skype with my brother when he used his skype app on his windows laptop. (but not when he used his macbook) Other than occasional lag, it worked well. So there may be some issues with mac skype app. I don't use skype video regularly so can't give you much more info.
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    so far I've had almost no problem with Skype. video and sound out of sync is a skyoe issue and I get that every so often on my PC, too.

    It's not perfect yet, but it's pretty amazing.
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    I've tried Skype video from my TouchPad to my kids iPod Touch, as well as my wife's iPhone 4 and they see my video but I cant see theirs.

    I'll try contacting desktop apps later, but I hope they fix the iPhone/iPod touch issue.

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    the skype issues your having should be fixed by a TP reboot. I was doing this with my nephew and killed a video call right in the middle by using card view and when I came back video was a no go... I reboot and tried again after failing many times and then the reboot fixed it.
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    Yeah unfortunately it does not work very well with mobile skype apps.
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    Got my TP last night, Skyped my sister o her Mac, worked well. She said my video was a little slow but hers looked fine to me.
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    Hmm my dad called this morning on Skype and I didn't get his video nor did he see mine. Audio only, it seems.
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    you have to tap the vdeo icon or "accept" a video reuest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    you have to tap the vdeo icon or "accept" a video reuest.
    Yep. But that didn't give me any video, no did it allow me to send video.
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