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    Free promo in progress for Quaker HD for TouchPad. First 50 are free! Quaker provides comprehensive coverage of earthquakes happening around the world. Check it out and leave a review (hopefully good, but be honest!)

    Promo code: 3e3f0f0e-c485-4131-ab26-9b091428f2b1

    Direct Link:


    Rob Thuleen
    RBT Development
    RBT Development Mobile Application Development
    webOS apps: Quaker, Quaker HD, Bubble Beats, Hamster Dx
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    Thanks. Got it and left a review (5 stars :-) )
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    Nice, but not available in Germany
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    Cool beans, left a 5 star review as well.
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    Ahh.. Nuts. I thought it was for finding deals on my morning oats.
    Lucky I live in a non-earthquake part of the US (compared to the west coast) LOL Great app though!
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    looks good couple suggestions is to start view out in Terrain mode just looks nicer for what the app does. Also link shortening would be a nice addition to the links sent out.
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    Thanks all! Great suggestions. Forgot to mention it's a US only promo... more promos to come
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    Excellent. Grabbed it with the promo (first time using a promo so I had to try it out).
    Looking great on the TP!
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    nice job with the app! Left 5 stars for you. :-)
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    Cool application, thanks!
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    I got it with the promo code on my palm test profile. But now I am using my normal profile and it has exceeded its limit

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