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    My TP is on the way - QVC- i am planning on using it at work.. are there any apps like docs to go that will allow you to manipulate spreadsheets?
    what about dropbox?
    for me this will be an important feature

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    Not yet, but Google docs has been confirmed working. No idea about MS Office 365 or any other cloud based office suits.
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    You must have somehow missed the thousands of posts of people complaining that there is no such app for the TouchPad just yet.

    However, if your company has internet, and I bet it does, you can use online MS Office or Google Docs.
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    Doc to go has no plan to support touchpad, not least because it's bought by RIM.

    the official bundled office suite is quick office. But it does not have editing function now. Hp promised a update to enable editing "soon".

    Google doc seems working okay.

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