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    Haven't pulled the trigger on my Touchpad, yet. Has anyone been able to get Tiddlywiki to work on the Touchpad with or (better, but unlikely) without debilater's port? Any issues?

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    Really -- noone here uses Tiddlywiki?

    Key thing I want to know is whether the browser will allow the Tiddlywiki to save itself to the TP filesystem.

    If someone with a TP would be willing to try it, I'd be much obliged. Tiddlywiki can be obtained from TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
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    Hey, I use it TW on my Plus (its a ported version) and was thinking about trying it out on my TP. Never considered the regular TW, maybe worth a shot.

    I will post my findings in a day or two.
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    Any news on this?

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    I hadn't thought about it...but now that you asked...
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    Sorry,all. I never got back to post my findings.

    No luck with saving Tiddlywikis locally on the TP -- the browser doesn't support it. However, the browser works fine with TWs hosted on tiddlyspot using the Save to Web command.

    If you haven't tried it, check out tiddlyspot at tiddlyspot. Here's one of my TW's that's hosted there: Jeff's Cookbook -

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