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    Hi there !

    Our last game Tap Tap Rockets is now available for download on the App Catalog for .99$ !

    The game is compatible with all Palm Smartphones, and optimized (with high resolution assets) for the new Touchpad ! (The game is not flagged as a "For Touchpad" application on the App Catalog for the moment but it is, we're currently fixing this problem with HP)

    The game is really fun and addictive :

    - Press the fire button at the right time to launch your rockets straight towards the asteroids to destroy them and get points.
    - Fire perfect volleys of shots (without losing any rockets into space) for progressively higher bonuses.
    - Shoot the UFOs crossing through space to get various bonuses and useful power-ups as the pace of the game quickens.
    - To beat the high scores and unlock other game levels, you'll have to aim accurately and most of all, last as long as possible against the asteroid shower that becomes steadily more intense.

    Have a look to the video on youtube to see by yourself.

    I hope you'll enjoy the game !

    Pixilabs Software.
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    Looks good, purchasing now :-)
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    Thanks E-Motion. We hope you'll enjoy the game. Rate the game if you want to support us or ... just want to rate the game


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